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Jujutsu JJK Yuji Itadori Sukuna Print

Jujutsu JJK Yuji Itadori Sukuna Print

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Currently in sizes 8.5x11" and 5x7", and 12x16"



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Customer Reviews

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David S.
Outstanding Unique Work

At the average convention, you can't swing a cat without hitting 7 different works that, hand-drawn or not, look like they're straight out of the anime/manga. While that certainly takes skill, taking an exact copy of an image and putting it on a different background doesn't offer any interpretation or intrigue. It is much, Much more interesting to take a familiar character and make something New.
Seeing the fractured image of Itadori, with Sukuna lurking just below the surface, gives the viewer something to actually Consider. How long can Yuji hold out before breaking? Will Yuji's sweet personality be subtly poisoned as time goes on? How thin is the veil separating them?
Getexcitedesigns has an amazing body of work that is both beautiful and thoughtful. This JJK print is a fantastic testament to that!

Amazing pieces! Love the artistry !

These pieces are only a few I've gotten from GetExciteDesigns. All of pieces I get are amazing... The ideas and style along with the technique and color... They look amazing in my collection!