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MXTX Bundle Print Package
Gabrielle Snyder

Prints are gorgeous! Cannot wait to display them! 🥰

This print was given to me for free!

The artist must've seen a theme in the prints I was purchasing and sent this print (5x7") for free with my other purchases! It made me so happy to get an extra print and made me see how truly grateful the artist was for my support. Great quality print and was sent with care.

Xie Lian and Hua Cheng

I got this Heaven Officials Blessing print in the 5x7" size. So happy with it and it looks so beautiful next to all my books! Great art and great print!

So beautiful

I got the Stranger by the Shore print in the 5x7" and it fits so well on my wall. Delivery was fast (the artist must have packaged it the day I ordered it) and it arrived safely double packaged in both plastic covering and a cardboard sleeve.

Banana Fish Print
Sarah Walker
Such fast delivery!

I ordered the Banana Fish 5x7" print. Such a sad anime but I still did enjoy it. However there is very little art representing it. So glad that I found this piece and I'm very happy with the quality and size of the print.

So happy with my posters

I ordered a few posters but the one I knew I needed to get was this Junpei Yoshino poster. He was such a criminally underrated character and this poster is just *chefs kiss*. So happy with it and the shipping and packaging was 10/10

So pretty

I love it and can’t wait to hang it up!

Great quality & as shown❤️

Great quality & as shown❤️

SasaMiya Pastel Collage Print

Absolutely stunning!

Your art is wonderful!! Thank you so much, I love the prints :)

You’re so welcome! Thank you so much for your support